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Kate Davies

Warm Hands

Warm Hands

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15 fresh designs, creativity and colour at your fingertips!

When Jeanette Sloan and Kate Davies got together to develop a new design collection, the results were sure to be colourful and creative. From their line-up of 15 original patterns, you might choose to knit mismatched mitts in bold two-tone intarsia or a dramatic pair of elbow-length cabled gauntlets. From warm mittens to delicate wristlets, from fingerless to full gloves, Jeanette and Kate's design selection includes a wide variety of shades and styles, while among the book's many different takes on texture, lace and colourwork, you'll be sure to find your favourite kind of knitting, or interesting new techniques to explore. Featuring patterns from globally-renowned knitting names such as Lana Jois and Chihiro Sato alongside the work of new faces like Sylvia Watts-Cherry and Claudia Fiocchetti, this innovative collection brings the work of talented designers around the world together with fresh ideas, ready needles — and warm hands.

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