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Gail Campbell

Needle-Felted Character Dolls - Mihoko Ueno

Needle-Felted Character Dolls - Mihoko Ueno

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Step-by-step instructions for Fairy, Mermaid, Rabbit, and more!

Bring your favorite characters to life in wool!

Create whimsical fairies, mermaids, and other enchanting storybook characters with wool and needle-felting tools. Step-by-step photos illustrate the felting basics for both human and animal dolls and how to add features such as eyes, noses, and hair. Then learn how to make the special details that set these dolls apart: unique hairstyles, clothing, and accessories; tiny leather boots; knit scarves; metal spectacles; woolen clothes; and more.

Once you learn the techniques, you'll be able to make whatever creatures your heart desires!

Known for her whimsical characters and lifelike animals, Mihoko Ueno's goal is to make dolls that will bring joy to those who hold them. She is currently experimenting with bringing her dolls to life with stop-motion animation. She sells her work through shops in Tokyo.

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