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Knit a Vintage Christmas

Knit a Vintage Christmas

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22 Stocking, Ornament, and Gift Patterns from Christmas Past

Fill your home with Christmas knits that you will treasure year after year!

Make colorful stockings for each member of your family — a Santa jack-in-the-box for your jokester, a stylish plaid for your girl with taste — there are 12 stocking patterns in all, so you are sure to find something for everyone. Then make a variety of colorful Christmas ball ornaments for gifts or to decorate your tree. With 18 different color patterns and endless yarn color options, each one can be unique. Adorn your door with a Woodland Wreath full of surprises like tiny hedgehogs, owls, and toadstools.

If you are looking for gift options, try Scandinavian slippers, an old-fashioned broomstick hobby horse, glam Santa booties for baby, a hat trimmed with holly, or an overnight Santa pajama case for staying at Grandma's.

With endless ideas for charming holiday knits, this is the book you will turn to each year when you feel the holiday knitting urge.

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