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Gail Campbell

Needle Felting from Basics to Bears - Liza Adams

Needle Felting from Basics to Bears - Liza Adams

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Includes step-by-step photos and instructions for creating cute little bears and bunnies from natural wools 

Tailored projects designed to teach the needle-felting techniques needed to create your own specially designed and crafted felted bears (and other animals).

Needle felting is done with carded, unspun wool. Needles with barbs down the sides are used to pull and tangle the fibers into different shapes. Having spent years refining her style, Liza Adams shares her project-based approach to teaching the skills needed to get you started in the art of sculpting with wool.

Create something meaningful from your very first project with the simple ball shape used for the Christmas decoration. From here, each new project introduces different shapes, details and joints, so that by the end of the book you are able to create your own bear. The wonderful thing with needle-felted bears is that there are no patterns — a needle-felted work is truly one of a kind, whether you are making bears, dogs, cats or monsters!

• Detailed step-by-step projects, with photographs at every stage.

• Learn the techniques needed to create your own unique needle-felted bear.

• These skills and further instructions on making pointed ears, long tails, different noses and muzzles, will then enable you to create your own felted animals.

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